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Auxis: Maximizing the Value of Cloud for Organizations

Raul Vega, Founder & CEO, AuxisRaul Vega, Founder & CEO
For organizations, cloud migration is indispensable to stay competitive in this cut-throat business environment. Most of them have either shifted their operations to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud or are in the process of doing it. While the cloud offers a myriad of benefits ranging from reduced IT costs, scalability and business continuity, to disaster recovery, data security and mobility, most organizations fail to capitalize on these opportunities because of a lack of cloud skill sets, around the clock support services, security and data protection strategies, and various other factors. Fort Lauderdale, FL-based Auxis, understands these challenges and offers end-to-end consulting and outsourcing services to maximize the value of an organization’s cloud computing investment while optimizing their total cost of ownership at a pace that keeps them ahead of the pack. With over two decades of experience in IT infrastructure operations across a broad range of industries, Auxis has partnered with the leading cloud service providers. In fact, Auxis is an AWS Advanced Partner, a Google Cloud Partner, and a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner. With these partnerships in place, Auxis assures that the clients’ cloud journey will be a smooth ride with zero turbulence. “At Auxis, we believe that an effective cloud strategy should deliver increased speed to market, unparalleled agility, 24/7 redundancy, and attainable cost efficiencies all while allowing you the ability to better focus on the things that matter like innovation and ideation,” remarks Alvaro Prieto co-founder and Sr. managing director at Auxis.

While most cloud service firms focus primarily on technology, Auxis takes a different approach and prioritizes on transforming the entire organization to succeed in a cloud-enabled model. The company undertakes a streamlined approach to understand the specific pain points of an organization and renders appropriate consulting services to fast track cloud adoption and management. Besides, by providing competent assistance in the organization’s day to day operations in the cloud, Auxis helps in training their internal resources of the organization.

It uses the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework to standardize the selection, planning, delivery, and maintenance of IT services. Not only this, once organizations mature in their AWS cloud usage, Auxis also offers a service named financial desk where it manages and controls the expenditure of their AWS cloud. The company monitors an organization’s spending and offers reports on areas, which can help them save additional dollars.

Successful cloud migration is defined by the quality, reliability, and performance of cloud applications. Auxis, with the help of its experts, provides technical and project management skills, recommends implementation approach, assists in designing platform architecture, and security standards to ensure a hassle-free transformation to the AWS cloud. In addition to assisting in the migration of existing footprint, Auxis also helps in developing Gap analysis for the migration of business-critical legacy systems.

Auxis realizes that DevOps practices are complementary to cloud computing. To that effect, it helps organizations in integrating different DevOps practices with ticketing systems, change management systems, and others in the AWS cloud environment. This helps to automate application delivery with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI-CD) pipelines. Also, to streamline the development process, boost quality, and enhance accuracy, Auxis leverages multiple tools such as Jenkins, Git, Chef, Docker, and others. A case in point that exemplifies Auxis’ consulting services is a client that had acquired a large application, which was initially used to provide activation of cell phones for retailers. The client wanted to make the application fast and offer it as a platform-as-a-service. Auxis came onboard for operations management to ensure that the production environment was working around the clock without interruptions. Auxis assisted them in designing policies and procedures to meet their desired outcomes and also helped them bring resources to implement DevOps practices and improve the application’s speed to market.

Since its inception in 1997, Auxis’ purpose is to provide an alternative to the traditional consulting model. Throughout the years, the company has served hundreds of clients and built a unique, innovative delivery model that is focused on customization, flexibility, and speed to benefit. The company’s hands-on, “roll-up your sleeves” team is comprised of former industry professionals— the certified cloud experts, not career consultants, who can effectively provide both operational strategy and implementation. As most cloud initiatives are not without their challenges, Auxis’ certified cloud experts can support you through the entire cloud journey, from helping you develop your cloud migration strategy to assisting with your cloud migration to operations.

Continuing on its success streak, the company has recently started its operations in New York and has also gained a significant foothold in the European region. As a true consultancy partner, Auxis always strives to provide strong consulting services to support organizations in every step of the way towards the cloud journey and improve their business outcomes.

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

Raul Vega, Founder & CEO

Auxis is a strategic consultancy and outsourcing company that seeks to help companies modernize and scale their back-office operations. The Company provides outsourcing and management of information technology, growth strategy, supply chain management, site review, operation model design, and business outsourcing services. The Auxis team has over two decades of global experience, consisting of former business executives representing a real-world strategy that focuses on versatility, innovation, and bottom-line results